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How to Prepare Your Motorcycle for Winter Storage Using the J&S Jacks Motorcycle Lift

Cooler weather means another riding season is coming to an end in northern areas, now is the time to think about proper winter storage for your motorcycle. Whether you’re hanging up your gear for just a few weeks or several months, taking care of some basic needs now such as purchasing a J&S motorcycle lift will make getting your motorcycle going again in the spring that much easier. It will also help ensure trouble free riding for years to come.


Clean up and service

For proper winter storage, with your motorcycle up on the motorcycle lift, give it a thorough wash and wax job. Follow that up with any maintenance as outlined in your owners manual. With the J&S motorcycle jack, all maintenance is a breeze.


Lube your cables and check your tires for wear and proper inflation. If your tires need replacing, do it now so you don’t lose riding time in the spring. Your J&S Motorcycle Jack allows you to remove the front, rear, or both wheels without losing stability!


Change the oil

Even if your bike will not be sitting long, change the oil! Dirty oil contains contaminants that can and will increase corrosion, leading to premature engine wear. Oil changes are simple: with your motorcycle on the J&S Jack, fire up the engine and let it run for several minutes to get everything up to operating temperature. Yep, you can run your bike while it’s on the motorcycle lift! Then using the J&S oil drain adapter, drain the old oil, and refill with fresh oil. Be sure to fire your bike up again to distribute the fresh oil throughout the entire system.


Thanks for reading! Stay tuned to read part two of how to prep your motorcycle for winter storage.

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