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J&S Motorcycle Jacks Background

It has been brought to J&S Motorcycle Jack’s attention that many of our customers are curious about our business and our employees.  After much thought it was decided that J&S motorcycle jacks would introduce our customers to some of our hard working and devoted J&S Motorcycle Jacks employees.


The Beginning of J&S Motorcycle Jacks


The first and most important J&S Motorcycle Jack’s employee is Steve Roovers.  He is the founder and owner of J&S Motorcycle Jacks and has been building and creating motorcycle jacks since the early 90’s.  Steve also has created the snowmobile jacks, lawn mower jacks, and trike jacks.  Steve is a devoted hard working individual that prides himself on customer service and dedication to his customers as well as his employees at J&S Motorcycle Jacks.  Steve originally began troubleshooting a motorcycle jack with his brother Jim in the garage of his home when both Jim and Steve were finding it difficult to find a sturdy reliable motorcycle jack for their $20,000+ Harley-Davidson motorcycles.  Both Jim and Steve would spend every evening in the garage working on building the perfect motorcycle jack that they could trust to hold up not only their motorcycles but their friend’s motorcycles as well.  There was a great deal of trial and error to come up with a motorcycle jack that they could stand behind and trust to lift and store their motorcycles on.


Once the first J&S Motorcycle Jack was built and was strong enough and durable enough to withstand a beefed up motorcycle, Jim and Steve began showing the motorcycle jack to their family and friends.  The interest grew and the word slowly spread about the sturdy and reliable J&S Motorcycle Jack and Jim and Steve moved their operation to Jim’s barn in Wrightstown, Wisconsin.  It should be noted that this entire time both Jim and Steve had full-time jobs and considered the motorcycle jack business to be a small side project that allowed them to test their creativity and manufacturing abilities.  Jim and Steve eventually began attending motorcycle shows to demonstrate how the J&S Motorcycle Jack worked and to prove the durability and stability of the J&S Motorcycle Jack by climbing on the front and rear of their bikes while up on the J&S Motorcycle Jack.


Becoming a Business


As time progressed the J&S Motorcycle Jack increased in popularity and the company began to grow.  At this time there were still just the two brothers building the motorcycle jacks and running all aspects of the business.  This continued until the early 2000’s when they began needing additional assistance to keep up with the demand for J&S Motorcycle Jacks.  They then turned to additional family members to help with the work they were unable to keep up with.


In 2011, Jim decided he would back away from the business and felt he could no longer keep up with the increasing pace.  Steve then found a building to rent in Appleton, Wisconsin and moved J&S Motorcycle Jacks to that location.  With the move and Jim stepping down as an owner, Steve needed additional employees to keep up with the increasing demand for motorcycle lifts.  Steve then hired 5 additional employees in additional to the 3 family members that were already helping with the motorcycle jack production.


The Here and Now


In 2012, Steve had to hire more employees to keep up with the increasing demands and business continued to grow.  Steve and his son Tanner also created the trike jack which sparked interest with customers and increased business as well.  In late 2012 it was established that the building in Appleton, Wisconsin was no longer large enough to hold the business so Steve began searching for larger buildings.  In early 2013, Steve found a building in Little Chute, Wisconsin which had enough space to accommodate for the continuous growth of the J&S Motorcycle Jack business.  In May of 2013, J&S Motorcycle Jacks moved into their new building and again hired a couple additional hands to assist in the business.  Steve prides himself on family so many of the employees at J&S Motorcycle Jacks are family or close family friends.


J&S Motorcycle Jacks has significantly grown over the years and Steve has devoted everything he has to the success of the business. As an end note, J&S Motorcycle Jacks  owes all of their success to their wonderful and supportive customers! Thank you for your continuous support!

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