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Part 4: Tips for Safer Motorcycle Riding from J&S Motorcycle Jacks

Tips to make motorcycling safer from J&S Motorcycle Jacks

Let’s face it, riding a motorcycle is risky, of course, that is part of the mystique. There are ways to eliminate or manage the risk. Motorcycling is not a passive sport; you must always be aware of your surroundings and have full control and familiarity with the motorcycle under you. Here are this weeks tips to make motorcycling safer and more enjoyable.

Tip 7, Assume the worst!

Always assume that the idiots in cages are out to get you!!! Never ever assume that they can see you. You have to make yourself as visible as possible. Again, using your motorcycle lift to make sure your headlight and running lights are properly aimed goes a long way to provide visibility. Ride well out in your lane, do not crowd the curb or shoulder as this diminishes your chances of being seen and reduces your ability to avoid potential issues with traffic. Always try to imagine the worst and mentally plan an escape route.

Tip 8, Ride within your limits!

This is especially important to remember when you ride in a group. There are always going to be those guy’s that can ride faster or lean harder in the corners. Never ride faster than you are comfortable. You are there to enjoy the ride, not win a race!

Remember, using your motorcycle jack to do your own maintenance and repairs breeds familiarity with your machine and familiarity increases your confidence level when riding.

More tips next week!

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