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Part Two: Preparing your Motorcycle for Winter Storage


As promised, here is part two of How to prep your motorcycle for winter storage.


Add Fuel Stabilizer

Measure fuel stabilizer into your gas tank according to the instructions on the bottle. Start the engine and let it run long enough so the stabilizer can work its way through the entire fuel system. Once again, it is safe to run the bike on the J&S motorcycle jack.


Proper Motorcycle Coverage

Plastic tarps trap moisture, risking corrosion on chrome, aluminum and painted surfaces where you can see it and inside mechanical parts where you can’t. The best bet is to invest in a good breathable cover designed for your motorcycle.


Mind Your Battery

When prepping your motorcycle for winter storage, it’s important to have a quality battery tender. Invest in a good battery tender that only charges when the battery calls for it. Nothing worse than a dead battery in the spring, with a good tender, there is no need to remove the battery from the bike. Most late model motorcycles are equipped with charger pig tails, if yours isn’t, most battery tenders come with them and are easily installed.



Figure out where your machine is going to take the big sleep; inside heated storage is best. The next best place is an unheated garage or shed. In either case, your motorcycle should be stored upright and off its tires. Using the J&S  motorcycle jack for winter storage is a no brainer. The bike is stored upright and safe, tires off the ground, suspensions unloaded, all oil levels and battery in proper resting positions. Our motorcycle lift allows you to jack it up, cover it, and push it into the corner out of harms way!


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