Loaded Motorcycle Wheel Chock

5 Reviews

Easy upright wheel chock for your motorcycle. Loaded motorcycle wheel chock includes all accessories.


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The J&S Jacks Motorcycle Wheel Chock is your best choice for secure, stable motorcycle transportation and upright storage for your bike.


The J&S Jacks Motorcycle Wheel Chock provides the safest and most secure way to transport your motorcycle from one location to another. With the fasten tie-down straps, have peace of mind as the J&S Jacks Motorcycle Wheel Chock gives your motorcycle the ultimate stability while loaded in the bed of your truck or trailer. The fully loaded J&S Jacks Motorcycle Wheel Chock includes: Motorcycle Wheel Chock, Narrow Wheel Adapters, and Docking Hardware. You may purchase these items altogether or separately.


Want to store your motorcycle without using the kickstand to save space? Just drive right into the J&S Jacks Motorcycle Wheel Chock. It cradles the wheel of your bike, holding it in a secure upright position. Makes cleaning and detailing a breeze.

And have no fear when transporting your motorcycle on a trailer. Mount the chock to your trailer with the docking hardware and use the outrigger tie points for long hauls.


J&S Jacks Warranty

All J&S Jacks are Made in the USA and guaranteed for life. We warranty our products against defects in workmanship for the lifetime of the product. If you have any questions, please contact directly at 1-866-884-5586.

Improper use of J&S Jacks products voids this warranty. J&S Jacks is not responsible for damages incurred if the instructions for use are not followed.

5 Reviews


The loaded wheel chock is really a nice piece. Install on the trailer in about 10 minutes. Very sturdy, bike doesn’t move.

Ordered the J&S Chock on Monday, it arrived on Thursday, mounted it in my trailer on Saturday and took a 750mile road trip. The bike rode beautifuly, this thing is fabulous, worth every cent it cost. My Nomad never moved an inch. Love it, recommend it to everyone.

J&S makes the best jack and wheel chock in the world. I wouldn't want my Harley on anything less then the best.