Motorcycle Lift

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A motorcycle lift you can trust under your bike. No tie downs, no straps, built tough.


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The Original American-Made J&S Jacks Motorcycle Lift.


The J&S Jacks Motorcycle Lift boasts a small footprint with the capability of lifting 2000 lbs. without tie-downs or straps. Your motorcycle is rock solid while on the lift, even at the maximum height of 18.5”. Easily maneuver your bike over ground imperfections such as cracks and bumps while it’s on the lift without worry.


While on the J&S Jacks Motorcycle Lift, move your bike with ease from one side of your garage, to the other. And cleaning your motorcycle is a snap. When using our stand, it glides along your bike unobstructed, giving you access to every nook and cranny while it’s on the motorcycle lift.

Is your motorcycle taking up too much space in the garage? Store it on the J&S Jacks Motorcycle Lift to save two feet of floor space.


Looking for a trusted Harley motorcycle lift? J&S Jacks are compatible with many models including all Harley-Davidson bikes and most other motorcycle models as long as it can rest on the lift tables of the jack without obstruction. For a complete compatibility list, please click here.

J&S Jacks Warranty

All J&S Jacks are Made in the USA and guaranteed for life. We warranty our products against defects in workmanship for the lifetime of the product. Because we don’t manufacture the bottle jack, it is under warranty for one year after purchase. Bottle jack replacements may be purchased directly from us by calling 1-866-884-5586.

Improper use of the J&S Jacks Motorcycle Lift voids this warranty. J&S Jacks is not responsible for damages incurred if the instructions for use are not followed.

150 Reviews

Great Product, Great Quality, and Superior Customer Service.

Like many, I was a little skeptical about ordering this Motorcycle jack. I saw the price and I asked myself, “This jack can’t be that much different”. So I went and purchased much cheaper jacks from Sears, Northern Tools, and Harbor Freights. I ended up taking them all back. The stability was so bad that I didn’t want to take a chance with my 2016 Ultra worrying about falling over. I revisited the J&S Jacks website and saw the videos once more and all I can say is that the videos were impressive. I decided to order the jack and let me tell you, the jack performed 100%. The jack went down slowly and smoothly. The bike gently rolls down onto the kickstand. The stability is rock solid. VERY IMPRESSED! Worth every penny. They live up to their model of being the WORLDS FINEST JACKS AND LIFTS. Fast forward to today, I tried using my jack and it wouldn't work. Frustrated, and not knowing what to expect, I call the number listed on the website and spoke with Tanner. I explained my situation and I will be receiving a new bottle jack replacement next week. Talk about great Customer Service. Thank You, TANNER!!! And Thank you J&S Jacks, and be sure to thank your employees at all levels. If you are not sure and you're asking yourself if this jack is worth the price? I say, “it’s worth every penny!). There may be cheaper jacks out there, but this the only jack I trust with my bike and the Jack that I always recommend to everyone.

Best Bike Lift on the Market, in my humble opinion.

I have purchased 4 of J&S Jacks over the last 15 years. Three regular bike jacks and one trike jack. My most resent purchase included the Indian Adapters for my new Indian Vintage. I could not be any happier with their high quality product. I feel that all of my bikes were safe on these jacks and would not trust another manufacture to make as good of a bike lift. Thank You J&S for a great product.

Best Motorcycle lift ever!

I received my lift yesterday, 9/30/2020 and it arrived well packaged. The lift came 98% assembled and the only assembly required by me was 2 nuts, 2 washers & 2 bolts for the hydraulic, a spring for the foot pedal and 2 screw for the stops with rubber 2 tips. The entire lift is the best i've ever seen and absolutely no regrets about buying it. Its compact, very strong, easy to use, easy to roll & its very well made to last me forever. The steel was finished with a nice powder coating and I cant say anything negative about the lift.