Trike Air Lift

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Pneumatic trike lift jacks up your trike up to 18 inches.


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Same high performance as the original J&S Jacks Trike Lift made even easier with air compressor compatibility.


The J&S Jacks Trike Lift Air, allows you to forego the manual foot pump and use an air compressor to raise your trike in a matter of seconds. At the touch of a button, your trike glides off the ground, all without lifting a finger.


The J&S Jacks Trike Lift Air raises your trike with easy access to the undercarriage. Allowing you to perform maintenance you never thought possible, the J&S Jacks Trike Lift Air cuts down your trips to the body shop. Outfitted to take the frustration out of maintaining your trike, find happiness and security with the J&S Jacks Trike Lift Air.


The J&S Jacks Trike Lift Air is designed for the Harley Davidson TriGlide trike. See our complete complete compatibility list.

J&S Jacks Warranty

All J&S Jacks are Made in the USA and guaranteed for life. We warranty our products against defects in workmanship for the lifetime of the product. Because we don’t manufacture the bottle jack, it is under warranty for one year after purchase.

Improper use of the J&S Jacks Motorcycle Lift voids this warranty. J&S Jacks is not responsible for damages incurred if the instructions for use are not followed.

Call for more details or see instructions that came with your lift.

3 Reviews

Trike jack shipped to FPO AE

Fantastic jack. Works perfectly under my 2017 TRIGLIDE ULTRA H/D. Best part they were able to sent it to me at my FPO AE address, saving me a ton of money in shipping cost. Thank you for your support of our military overseas.

First opinion

Just received my Trike jack and this thing is awesome. Put it together in like 15 minuets rolled it under the Trike and up it went. Highly impressed so far. Will write further review when I have more time to do some work on the Trike.

if you are planning on servicing your trike yourself the airlift is great and very safe any mods. you would of paid someone to do are now doable instead of paying someone $89 and hour and then being over charger for the amount of hours it really takes do it your self jack will be paid for in a very short time and you will know the most about your bike and be riding more enjoy and ride safe