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The New J&S Jacks Trike Lift & Trike Lift Air!


You called and we answered! J&S Jacks received so many inquiries about producing a J&S Jacks Lift with the capability of hoisting an 1800-pound trike that we found the need too great to not address.

We are proud to announce that we have made not one but two J&S Jacks Lifts capable of handling the feat that is the trike.

Manufactured after our traditional manual-pump, the J&S Jacks Motorcycle Lift, the design and concept of the new J&S Jacks Trike Lift shares in similarities. The innovation of the new J&S Jacks Trike Lift can be recognized in the structure and the frame of the lift.

The J&S Jacks Trike Lift Air provides the same high performance as the original J&S Jacks Trike Lift, but is made even easier with air compressor compatibility. Forego the manual foot pump and instead at the touch of a button, your trike will float high off the ground in a matter of seconds.

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