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Part 1: Tips For Safe Motorcycle Riding From J&S Motorcycle Jacks

Let’s face it, riding a motorcycle is risky, of course, that is part of the mystique. There are ways to eliminate or manage the risk. Motorcycling is not a passive sport; you must always be aware of your surroundings and have full control and familiarity with the motorcycle under you. Here are the first of 10 tips to make motorcycling safer and more enjoyable.

Tip 1. Always keep your bike in tip top shape.

Use your Motorcycle lift every time you wash or detail your bike. This is the perfect time to go over your ride to make sure it is mechanically sound. Check and lube your cables, check tires for wear and pressure, check all lights and gauges to make sure they are working. Crack open your owner’s manual and go through the maintenance schedule and actually do the recommended work at the recommended intervals. On the J&S motorcycle lift you are able to fire the bike up and run it through the gears to make sure all linkages are working properly. Check the belt for wear and make sure it is tracking properly. Make all adjustments that are deemed necessary. Maintenance is surprisingly easy with the proper motorcycle jack. Anyone can (and should) perform their own maintenance, doing so breeds familiarity with your machine.

Tip 2. Always, without fail, no matter how hot or uncomfortable it may be, wear the proper attire.

Always wear leather boots with toe and ankle protection. Long pants, preferably Kevlar lined or riding pants with armor. A leather or textile jacket with armor in the elbows and shoulders. A good fitting DOT approved helmet and leather gloves. How many times have we seen riders going down the road wearing shorts, lord boards (sandals) and t-shirt with passenger dressed the same? Imagine the mess should the unthinkable happen. Remember, there are only two kinds of bikers, those that have already fallen, and those that will.

More tips next week.

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